About Us

Neeli Titlee is a small yet ambitious attempt to contemporize one of the traditional crafts of India. We want to ensure that the art of Ikat not only remains alive, but thrives in our times. Ikat is a yarn-resist technique where the yarns are tied and dyed in specific patterns before being handwoven into a fabric with feathery patterns that show up on both sides of the fabric. Unlike the common commercially available Ikat prints, the traditional craft requires highly skilled artisans who are essential for the survival of this art form.

Neeli Titlee products are an amalgamation of our free-spirited modern design aesthetics and the unique unparalleled skills of the Ikat weavers of Odisha, India. Being a textile-centric label, our focus is on designing the most unique Ikat fine-cotton fabrics that form the base for all our products. Our playful yet classy products appeal to the modern socially conscious people who want to include beautiful hand-crafted textiles in their urban lifestyle. They also provide a platform to the skilled weavers to showcase their art and talent to a global audience.

Scarves / Stoles: Being a double-sided and reversible fabric, scarves were our preferred Ikat choice of product to start with, and remain our most popular product category. There are multiple creative ways to drape our unisex scarves, adding to the versatility of the humble scarf. Get in touch with us if you want to learn to drape a scarf/stole in more than 20 ways and we will be more than happy to organize a workshop in your city.

We have, since inception, diversified into many other product categories while retaining our core vision of the brand. During our journey, we ensure that we collaborate with an ecosystem of specialists and small-scale entreprenuers who share our core values. Each project is a labour of love towards sustainable living.

May our tribe grow!