To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

–Oscar Wilde

We believe in a happy team that works hard and plays hard. Our people live their lives to the fullest and make a mark in whatever they do.

Manisha Chawda

Manisha Chawda, Founder and Designer

Manisha is a product of the textile design program at the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. After having experienced life at design-led firms as well as independently as a freelancer, she found her creative and professional calling with Neeli Titlee. She enjoys the art of the twist - be it the arm-twisting she subjects her team-mates to, or the rubberband-like stretches that she subjects her body to. Helps that she’s big on yoga and meditation. That's also what makes her the creative force behind Neeli Titlee. Once she's able to apply her hands to it, she has the knack of bringing the most abstract of ideas to life. Look out for more to come from this little firecracker!

Biren Parmar, Technology/Content Whisperer

Biren is a problem solver who happens to be a scientist by day and Neeli Titlee tech support by night. He also wears the content manager hat every once in a while. He has a healthy obsession for everything technical and everything sweet. When not at his desk, he can be found either enjoying an ice cream or giving people a hard time trying to figure out his vocabulary. At all other times, you could catch him watching superhero movies and cracking mean jokes on innocent team members.

Biren Parmar


Aparupa Negi, Advisor 

Aparupa has an MBA from IIFM, Bhopal. After completing her studies, she worked extensively in development sector with leading national and international NGOs including UNICEF in capacity building roles. She is a trainer at heart. Turns out, she also has a business brain with a creative musing and is obviously very passionate about building innovative marketing strategies. She derives special pleasure in generating complicated spreadsheets to confuse the team :) In her spare time, you would find her in a Zumba class or cooking the yummiest food we ever had

Aparupa Negi

Nandini Meher and family

Nandiniji and her family have been associated with us since 2015. Her family has been living in Kusunpuri near Barpali, western Odisha for decades. The family is engaged in tying and dyeing of the ikat yarns as well as weaving of ikat fabrics. When not weaving, they are busy with either a family wedding or a local festival. This spirit is rightly explained in the sambalpuri saying bara mase tera parab meaning thirteen festivals in twelve months.

Nandini Meher

Kusum Chawda and Meera Parmar, The Blessers

We believe in counting our blessings rather than counting our problems.

Imagine having access to the most critical and unbiased feedback to make your brand successful, at the drop of a hat. How about a sounding board to bounce off new business and design ideas to gauge customer interest? When stuck in a rut, why not hire the services of a motivational speaker to stoke the fire? Neeli Titlee is blessed to have all of this, for free, in the form of two loving mothers - the pillars of support that we couldn’t do without.